About Me

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​KKB author 


As a child, I pored over Go, Dog! Go., Miss Suzy, and Alexander​--fascinated by the wild dog party in the tree, the mean red squirrels, and the red and green-striped horse. Later I devoured every Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume book and fell head-over-heels for The Phantom Tollbooth. These stories and their illustrations are still part of me. 

What an honor for an author or artist to create work that stays with someone for a lifetime.

My interest in writing poetry began in 4th grade. One of my extraordinary early works:

A big spaceship

shaped like a potato chip


and bashed

into French onion dip.

​Perhaps not poet laureate-worthy, but playing with words was fun. I was, and still am, hooked.

​Courses in children's literature and creative writing at Indiana University renewed my love of picture books and poetry, as well as my interest in writing. While ​I currently have no potato chip stories, I have written about llamas, bunnies and an elusive Halloween creature.